Aerospace Industry Growth & Job Openings In Mexico | NAPS

March 16, 2015

Thriving Aerospace Industry Growth is Creating Many New Jobs in Mexico

Aerospace companies in Mexico are thriving, creating new jobs for Mexican citizens and foreign workers, while improving the Mexican economy. Businesses looking to utilize Mexico manufacturing can turn to North American Production Sharing, Inc., for help.

NAPS manages production operations on behalf of clients, including the transition of manufacturing operations to Mexico. The NAPS operating model is designed to provide comprehensive support for clients looking to optimize their production. This includes strategic planning, forecasting and feasibility testing, financial planning and other early stage support efforts.

Also important is human resources support, such recruitment, employee screening and employee on-boarding, which makes it easier for aerospace companies to start operations in Mexico. The employment market in Mexico is unique, and its takes insight to find the right talent to make operations a success. Knowing Mexican employment laws is also a key to operating successfully in this country, and NAPS is there to help with employment issues as they arise.

Accounting support is also available, including the payment of taxes, accounts payable and other general ledger tasks. This support makes it easier for aerospace companies to meet Mexican accounting standards, while making sure that clients have accurate financial records. This support takes experience and talent that’s not easy to find. NAPS adds value, given its ability to handle multiple facets of Mexican manufacturing.

Customs support is critical for manufacturing in Mexico, and NAPS can help clients meet often-times strict regulations regarding the flow of materials across borders. The aerospace industry growth in Mexico could not thrive without effective and efficient export procedures, which means that knowledge of customs regulations can be invaluable.

The aerospace industry in Mexico is thriving, and companies throughout the world unfamiliar with transitioning to this country can utilize the experience of NAPS to complete the transition smoothly. Companies can save money on Mexico manufacturing operations, labor and environmental compliance by relocating to Mexico. They can also benefit from a diverse labor pool with technical and non-technical knowhow.

For additional information on the aerospace manufacturing industry and manufacturing in Mexico, please call toll-free (877) 484-4479 or visit Businesses large and small stand to increase their profit margins and operational efficiencies by manufacturing in Mexico.