The Future of the Aerospace Industry: Mexico

June 20, 2013

Expanding production for manufacturing in Mexico is a rapidly growing focus for companies around the world. Over the last decade, Mexico has invested in its infrastructure, education and political agenda to position itself as a large manufacturing competitor. It has gained much of its recognition within the automobile sector, and is continuing to expand its opportunities to various automakers and auto part manufacturers.

Aside from Mexico’s notoriety within the auto sector, it also encompasses other growing industries that are being introduced to manufacturing in Mexico. As 2012 came to close, foreign investors took a closer look at the aerospace industry. This budding industry has become an integral role for manufacturers in Mexico. It, too, has various opportunities for investors.

The aerospace industry has become quite popular to investors due to the industry’s ideal factors. While low-cost labor is driving the move for manufacturing in Mexico, Mexico also generates a large pool of educated students who often work in various sectors of manufacturing. Students are graduating from some of the best technical schools and landing careers with much growth opportunity. Mexico becomes a much more attractive proposition as it is equipped with a highly educated, skilled and hardworking pool of graduates entering the workforce.

With a strong labor force and low cost location, investors will not only profit from manufacturing in Mexico but also feel comfortable knowing that it is helping shape a vibrant country. By manufacturing in Mexico, companies are able to maintain full control of their product and grow their business at a comfortable pace.