Manufacturing in Mexico: Automotive Industry

February 25, 2013

The automotive industry continued to set records in January, with production up 20% and exports continuing to grow at 14% year-over-year. 2013 kicks off in a positive and uplifting way for Mexico Manufacturers, following a record year in 2012. Mexico is continuously proving to be the top contender for automotive exports to the United States and other global markets.

Auto exports to the United States increased 32% within the last month, giving hope to the manufacturing in Mexico platform in 2013. Mexico is ranked 4th, worldwide, in automobile exports, with three quarters of Mexico’s automobile production being exported to multiple countries around the world.

Mexico was able to see success after changing its country’s image and presenting themselves as an attractive alternative for manufacturing in North America. Over the years, manufacturing in Mexico has expanded its capabilities, now comprised mostly of automotive, electronics, medical device, aerospace, metal mechanics and other high-tech industries. Mexico has done a good job expanding its base of universities and technical schools to keep up with the demand for well-trained talent, too.  In fact, Mexico graduated more engineers in 2012 than the United States.  This is proof that manufacturing in Mexico will continue to offer foreign companies a good, low-cost manufacturing alternative.