Toyota Mulls Mexico as a Way To Increase Production

August 14, 2013

Toyota will be thinking of new ways to increase production on two of its more popular trucks, the Tundra and smaller sized Tacoma. As the company enters 2014, they will be embracing a redesign for the full-size pickup, which indicates concentrated planning is already underway.

A few different options Toyota has considered would be moving its more compact Tacoma pickup, also being built and produced in their San Antonio factory, down to its location in Baja California, where it has already claimed a large manufacturing presence.

The automaker is strategizing now because the demand for the 2014 Tundra, “have been stronger than expected.”  As additional modifications are made public, the demand for the truck will only increase.

The change of location production will require precise planning on Toyota’s behalf, as well as proper coordination with component suppliers. Toyota will be forced to work through this difficult decision to decrease the disruption of production for both trucks.

If the updated Toyota Tundra is expecting to be seen as a credible pickup, it needs to “crack the high-volume, high profit, full-size truck market in the U.S.” according to USA Today.

With the economy to be in a more favorable state compared to the Tundra’s first generation 2007 launch, its aim to become America’s pickup truck of choice, and the additional features will continue its high demand entering the new year.

Along with the Tundra generating more production in future months, the Tacoma remains a strong competitor among the truck market, generating more sales over the first half of the year compared to the Tundra.

Toyota is faced with some challenges as it considers disrupting production out of San Antonio and looking to manufacture in Mexico, however the end results seem to be very positive and favorable for the automaker.