Human Resources in Mexico Manufacturing

April 2, 2013

Manufacturing in Mexico has greatly increased as companies have expanded their global footprint into Mexico. The strategic plan to operate these facilities must include an investment in Human Resources in Mexico that ensures recruitment of qualified candidates, equitable compensation practices, compliance with local regulations and minimal turnover.

North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS) is the leading outsourced administration and compliance management company in Mexico, specializing in employment administration, accounting, import/export and environmental, heath & safety, allowing corporate management to focus their efforts on production and quality control.

Manufacturing in Mexico requires strict adherence to laws and taxes, and the price of noncompliance is steep and swift. Late payment of taxes, failure to present monthly statistics reports and neglecting to file required tax returns online will result in fines, fees, surcharges and back taxes. The Mexican Social Security Institute, the governmental organization that collects social security for the workforce, requires detailed quarterly reports that include monthly payroll data and employee training and job information. Companies must keep an updated registry of employment activities and report risks. Outsourcing to a team that has expertise in governmental regulations and the ability to manage deadlines is the HR solution to avoid sanctions and work suspensions.

The successful deployment of Human Resources in Mexico hinges on partnering with an organization committed to the confluence of the company’s workforce culture. NAPS’ HR professionals are skilled in screening, interviewing, conducting reference checks and testing. Specialists assess whether or not the candidate is qualified and likely to acclimate to the work environment and company mission. The client conducts interviews and makes the final decision. Once the prospect is hired, NAPS conducts new hire orientations and manages the administrative details in accordance with local regulations and company policy.

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