Solar Growing Strong for Mexico

July 16, 2013

Solar power is making a break globally, and introducing itself as a large manufacturing player. This renewable energy sector has established residency in two (very large) Latin American countries, Chile and Mexico. This solar power movement is happening at a global pace, and is certainly something to keep note of. Mexico is taking this movement very seriously, and is currently discovering ways to introduce and implement its strategies to its employees and employers.

Manufacturers are setting a trend, as of late, and taking business out of China and into North America, mainly Mexico. There a few reasons behind this movement, but mainly the costly tariffs companies face when manufacturing in China. Not only are the tariffs costly for foreign investors, but also the costs to operate in China are quickly rising. These two factors are playing an integral role in the transformation of solar manufacturing in Mexico.

This is an important time for the sustainability movement that is happening at a global pace. Mexico has proven itself as the ideal choice for manufacturing, as it already encompasses various popular sectors such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, textiles, etc. In addition to the strides solar power is making in Latin America, many institutions are instilling educational courses (based off the importance of solar and renewable energy) that will aid to the knowledge of those within the solar sector. Educational programs like this will only contribute to the growing, well-educated, labor force that Mexico has generated over the last decade.