Vision for Renewable Energy in Mexico Looks Promising

June 13, 2013

When it comes to renewable energy investments, Mexico is at the forefront for foreign investors who are looking to manufacturing in Mexico while the country moves to more solar and wind projects. In fact, the renewable energy movement in Mexican manufacturing is huge when it comes to how this country is pursuing power sources other than fossil fuels.

Also, there are recent U.S. and United Nations studies that points to Mexico leading the way in developing more “green” energy programs.

Mexican manufacturing goes green

At a time when manufacturing in Mexico is booming, there is an associated trend for the country to spend more on natural energy projects to help boost the overall production and sales of clean-energy technologies and processes.

Moreover, the UN Environment Program (UNEP) praised Mexico for its processes for creating more low-carbon green energies that is designed to make the country more focused on green energy manufacturing both today and in the future. The UNEP also stated in a news release how Mexico is jumping on this global trend to go “green” with the development of more solar and wind manufacturing and technology performance.

Mexico surges in green energy investment

The UNEP report on regional surges in green energy investment pointed to spending growing steadily in Mexico as investments continue to pour in from the U.S. and other foreign countries that understand the importance of emerging economies when it comes to cost-competitiveness for wind and solar power manufacturing. In fact, a U.S. Department of Energy report notes how investments in environmentally friendly energy sources are shifting to developing nations such as Mexico with its energy grid construction that is also providing huge investment openings for U.S. and other foreign company investment.




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