Juarez Crime Declines, Economy and Manufacturing in Mexico Improving

May 1, 2013

After years of violent crime and instability, Juarez, Mexico is at last beginning to enjoy the return of peaceful times. Last year, 2012, was a turning point for Juarez. The economy is reviving, residents are feeling safe, and businesses and investors would be wise to consider opening operations in Juarez. Manufacturing in Mexico is bustling and promises to thrive for years to come, and Juarez is ideal for its central location, inexpensive real estate and highly trained labor force.

The city of Juarez has gained negative attention worldwide for its violence and drug cartel activity. Juarez has become infamous as the murder capital of the world, amid harrowing tales of turf wars between drug cartels. This notoriety has prompted law enforcement and civic organizations to cooperate and produce real change.

Maquiladora manufacturing plants account for 60% of the jobs in Juarez, and commerce between Juarez and El Paso, Texas has historically worked in productive partnership. Today, Mexico’s economy is recovering very well, and businesses, particularly manufacturing companies, are once again looking to Juarez for a low-cost manufacturing solution. Companies that had shuttered are returning, and new companies are much more willing to consider Juarez than was true a few years ago.

Manufacturing in Mexico today, including Juarez, is safe, credible and growing. The population is young and well educated, with an average age of 27. In fact, Juarez has the highest literacy of any city in Mexico.

After years of avoiding the streets, except when necessary, locals now celebrate a return to normalcy.



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