Aerospace Industry Being a Top Industry for Manufacturing in Mexico

December 3, 2012

The aerospace industry continues to move manufacturing into Mexico and it is proving to be beneficial for the country’s economic development, as well as the job sector. This industry is providing the country with high-value jobs, while simultaneously connecting to other productive industries.

The majority of aerospace companies manufacturing in Mexico can be found in the northern cities of the country, such as Tijuana and Mexicali, due to their close proximity to the United States.

Mexico is becoming an attractive country for foreign investment, especially among aerospace manufacturing companies around the world. The aerospace industry proves to encompass a competitive advantage by going through outsourced administrative service providers (or better known in Mexico as “shelter providers”), like North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS), when looking to manufacture in Mexico.

“NAPS is able to deliver a full-service administrative and compliance management program to foreign companies interested in expanding into Mexico to mitigate their risk of operating in new country,” said Scott Stanley, NAPS’ Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing.  “We enable our clients to focus on their process and quality control without having to navigate through the cumbersome IMMEX (maquiladora) program and we help them integrate their business with the Mexican culture.”

Manufacturing in Mexico, especially within the Aerospace industry, offers a competitive edge for companies through low-cost, experienced labor and access to quality engineering personnel with many years of relevant experience.  In fact, Mexico graduated more engineers in 2011 than the United States. This has enabled aerospace companies manufacturing complex, sophisticated products to consider Mexico as part of their global footprint.