Mexico Outsourcing Making a Positive Jump in November

December 7, 2012

Mexico’s outsourcing sector hit a high in November for the second consecutive month, giving the economy a boost as it moves towards year end. This also provides economic stimulation in regards to manufacturing in Mexico.

November’s “HSBC Mexico Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index rose to 55.6, it’s highest since June.”

These results are providing manufacturers with a sense of assurance, suggesting that mexico manufacturing activity will continue to grow at a healthy rate.  Adding to this is high demand from the U.S for local exports, allowing Mexico to avoid the “global slowdown”.  Around 80% of Mexico’s exports move into the United States.

Another factor coming into play heading into 2013, would be the close ties Mexico shares with the United States. Both economies, the job sector,  and unification of North America  could create an advantage for both countries against the global market.

An important idea that should be illustrated in a larger spectrum is that both countries not only manufacture and export together, but build products in unison with the aid of outsourced administration and compliance management companies (or better known as “shelter services“), such as North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS).